We have various documents and guides available, both for users and developers of MistServer. If anything is unclear or you have suggestions for improvements, please contact us.

MistServer user documents

User documents are detailed documents about the usage of MistServer, if you're unsure how to get a feature working or MistServer itself, this is your first stop.

MistServer online manualOnline manual environment.
MistServer Manual (pdf)Contains information about installation, configuration, integration and specifications.
MistServer changelogChangelog, including upcoming changes.
Blogpost: Live streaming with MistServer and OBS StudioContains the basic information for live streaming in combination with OBS Studio.
Blogpost: Raw H264 from Raspberry Pi camera to MistServerShows how you can set up a Raspberry Pi camera live stream with MistServer.
Blogpost: An introduction to encoding and pushing with ffmpegBasic information about how to encode and push streams with ffmpeg.
Blogpost: Recording live streams with MistServerHow to set up live stream recording using MistServer.
Blogpost: Fantastic protocols and where to stream themExplains how to choose between the most popular protocols (Last updated: June 2017).
Blogpost: Live streaming with Wirecast and MistServerContains the basic information for live streaming in combination with Wirecast.
Blogpost: Connecting to our API with PHPDescribes how to set up MistServer using our API through PHP.
Blogpost: Building an access control system with triggers and PHPAn example of how you could set up an access control system for MistServer.
Blogpost: Setting up a transcoderAn example of how you could set up a transcoder for MistServer.
Blogpost: Library playback with the STREAM_SOURCE triggerAn example of how you could set up MistServer with huge media libraries.
Blogpost: Cleaning up links and combining your media server with your website through a reverse proxyAn example of how you can set up a reverse proxy with MistServer.
Blogpost: Setting up advanced analytics through Prometheus and GrafanaAn example of how to set up advanced analytics with MistServer.
Blogpost: Repushing to social media and streaming servicesAn example of how to push to social media or other streaming services through MistServer.