Simple, smart and stable media streaming

MistServer is a streaming media server that works well in any streaming environment. MistServer can scale from a low resource solution to a streaming media software powerhouse. Flexible and adaptive by nature, MistServer is able to stream video and audio online or on intranet to any device without requiring an app to be installed. Streaming live or Video on Demand, MistServer is the streaming media server of choice. You can even run MistServer as a streaming media service in the background. While MistServer works best as a Linux media server, MistServer is completely dependency-free and runs on Windows or Mac (OSX) systems as well. MistServer is available as a free and open source streaming media server but professional-grade features and support are also available with the paid MistServer Pro edition.

21 Mar 2017: Non-commercial license now available!

Hello everyone, MistServer already had two licensing models available: the free open source edition and the paid enterprise (also known as "Pro") edition. Starting today, we're adding a third option: the non-commercial license. This new license is intended for non-commercial users, and can...

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20 Mar 2017: Stable release 2.10.1 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.10.1 of MistServer is now available! The full change log is available here and downloads are here. Here is a short summary: The meta-player now detects offline streams coming online. It will automatically refresh and load the newly available...

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15 Mar 2017: Behind the scenes: MP4 live

Hello streaming media enthusiasts! It's Jaron again, back with my first proper blog post after the introduction I posted earlier this year. As mentioned by Carina in the previous post, I'll be explaining the background of MP4 live streaming in...

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1 Mar 2017: The MistServer Meta-Player

Hello readers! I'm Carina, and I'm responsible for web development here at DDVTech/MistServer. Today, I'll be talking to you about our solution for viewing streams on a website: the meta-player. Why we've built our own playerOur meta-player has started its life as...

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21 Feb 2017: Stream Splicing

Hello readers, Erik here! As mentioned in the opening blog post, I will mostly post about innovations. Today I kick off with some work in progress on a feature that we call stream splicing. What is stream splicing? Stream splicing works by manipulating...

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