MistServer  2.5.3-Pro-19-gf5e75b1 ( Generic_64)
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CBase64Holds base64 decoding and encoding functions
 CSocket::BufferA buffer made out of std::string objects that can be efficiently read from and written to
 CRTMPStream::ChunkHolds a single RTMP chunk, either send or receive direction
 CUtil::ConfigDeals with parsing configuration from commandline options
 CSocket::ConnectionThis class is for easy communicating through sockets, either TCP or Unix
 CController::cpudataA class storing information about the cpu the server is running on
 CDTSC::FileA simple wrapper class that will open a file and allow easy reading/writing of DTSC data from/to it
 CDTSC::FragmentBasic class for storage of data associated with fragments
 CMist::InOutBaseClass containing all basic input and output functions
 CDTSC::IvecBasic class supporting initialization Vectors
 CDTSC::KeyBasic class for storage of data associated with keyframes
 CDTSC::livePosA simple structure used for ordering byte seek positions
 CDTSC::MetaClass for storage of meta data
 Ch264::NALClass for analyzing generic nal units
 CAMF::ObjectRecursive class that holds AMF0 objects
 CAMF::Object3Recursive class that holds AMF3 objects
 CRTP::PacketThis class is used to make RTP packets. Currently, H264, and AAC are supported. RTP mechanisms, like increasing sequence numbers and setting timestamps are all taken care of in here
 CTS::PacketClass for reading and writing TS Streams
 CDTSC::PacketDTSC::Packets can currently be three types: DTSC_HEAD packets are the "DTSC" header string, followed by 4 bytes len and packed content
 CHTTP::ParserSimple class for reading and writing HTTP 1.0 and 1.1
 CDTSC::PartBasic class for storage of data associated with single DTSC packets, a.k.a. parts
 CUtil::ProcsDeals with spawning, monitoring and stopping child processes
 CDTSC::ScanThis class allows scanning through raw binary format DTSC data
 CDTSC::seekPosA simple structure used for ordering byte seek positions
 CIPC::semaphoreA class used for the abstraction of semaphores
 CIPC::semGuardA class used as a semaphore guard
 CSocket::ServerThis class is for easily setting up listening socket, either TCP or Unix
 CController::sessIndexThis is a comparison and storage class that keeps sessions apart from each other
 CIPC::sharedClientThe client part of a server/client model for shared memory
 CIPC::sharedFileA class for managing shared files
 CIPC::sharedServerThe server part of a server/client model for shared memory
 CMist::sortedPageInfoThis struct keeps packet information sorted in playback order, so the Mist::Output class knows when to buffer which packet
 CMist::sourceCompareSorts the JSON::Value objects that hold source information by preference
 Ch264::SPSMetaStruct containing pre-calculated metadata of an SPS nal unit. Width and height in pixels, fps in Hz
 CIPC::statExchangeA class used for the exchange of statistics over shared memory
 CController::statSessionA session class that keeps track of both current and archived connections
 CFLV::TagThis class is used to hold, work with and get information about a single FLV tag
 CDTSC::TrackClass for storage of track data
 CMist::trackmetaStructure used to keep track of selected tracks
 CJSON::ValueA JSON::Value is either a string or an integer, but may also be an object, array or null