MistServer  2.5.3-Pro-19-gf5e75b1 ( Generic_64)
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NAMFHolds all AMF parsing and creation related functions and classes
 NControllerHolds everything unique to the controller
 NFLVThis namespace holds all FLV-parsing related functionality
 NHTTPHolds all HTTP processing related code
 NJSONJSON-related classes and functions
 NMistRecording to file
 NMP4Contains all MP4 format related code
 NRTMPStreamContains all functions and classes needed for RTMP connections
 NRTPThis namespace holds all RTP-parsing and sending related functionality
 NSocketHolds Socket tools
 NTSHolds all TS processing related code
 NUtilContains utility code, not directly related to streaming media
 CBase64Holds base64 decoding and encoding functions