MistServer Pro for non commercial use

MistServer for non-commercial or non profit use. Professional quality and features for those that don't generate revenue from streaming. Ideal for home/hobby users.

Key features

  • Pay a fixed monthly fee for each active MistServer instance
  • Prepaid, no hidden charges
  • Choose your own activation date
  • Includes all professional streaming features
  • Initial setup takes mere minutes
  • Premium support available at an additional fee

Usage limitations

Only non-commercial use is allowed under this license. For the full explanation please review our non-commercial license. If you want to be certain your planned use is allowed, it's a good idea to contact us beforehand and ask.

To put things simple, you should be fine as long as you keep to the following:

  • You are not directly or indirectly generating revenue from your streams
  • You are an internationally recognized non-profit
Accepting donations is allowed in most cases. See the exact wording in the license for details.

You can not use the non-commercial license if...

  • You want to monetize your content
  • You want priority support and advice
$ 9.99 /month /instance

Additional information