What is a media server?

Media servers are media centric delivery systems. As such, a media server is able to automatically adapt your media for optimal delivery and user experience.

How most media servers work

Most Media servers are only capable of delivering media files in the same format, or re-encode said file to another format while distributing. While it gets the job done it is more demanding on your system than necessary as even if a format is not used, it will be actively used and possibly wasted, this lowers the amount of viewers your platform can serve.

Visualization of how most media servers work for a single stream

What makes MistServer different?

MistServer is modular in every meaning of the word, not using resources when features are not in use and dynamically loading and unloading functionality and streams on the fly. Its main feature is a state of the art repackager capable of taking any input and making it available in all modern formats from a single buffer. Besides offering unbeatable performance in any situation, it features powerful yet simple to use integration options for automation and advanced usage. All of these and more make Mistserver the go-to technology if you want a powerful, efficient and scalable solution for your media platform.

Visualization of how MistServer handles a single stream

Solution benefits

MistServer helps you reduce your costs for media streaming by allowing you to leverage our experience and well-tested software toolkit to assist your efforts. You will save time because your team no longer has to solve all the problems associated with media streaming. This includes device compatibility, protocol implementations, and hooking the media delivery into your other systems for monitoring and access control. Furthermore, our engineering team is available to assist you with all media-related matters, including informing you of other options than just the ones we provide. Because all our services come at a flat monthly fee, you can be sure of receiving honest advice for all situations.

Your expertise hotline

The MistServer team is at your beck and call, giving you direct access to engineers that know the many standards and intricacies of media delivery by heart. Let us take care of any streaming media doubts or challenges you might have.

Innovation is key

Our team is constantly at work to improve MistServer and keeping it competitive, allowing you to sit back and relax while we deliver the latest innovations. Talk to our engineers and build the future with us.

Responsive monitoring

The numerous analytic options allow for a unique monitoring system, allowing you to see what your users are doing on the platform, and letting you react to opportunities as they happen.

The heartbeat of your project

When media streaming is the core of your project you can't allow for delays. We can offer a solution or workaround to any problem related with MistServer within 48 hours, making sure you are never stuck.

Your roadmap to success

We truly care about your project, and knowing your goals allows us to inform you of the latest innovations relevant to you, helping you stay ahead.

No hidden costs

MistServer has a clear and sensible business model, with all costs known up-front. Furthermore, all fees are based on unlimited use, so you will never run into an unexpected high bill.

Know your users

Change the way you look at your users - with our detailed analytic systems you can monitor their behaviour. Learn their preferences and make their experiences truly personal.

Technical benefits

MistServer is a small-footprint, high-performance streaming media server, capable of on the fly transmuxing of VoD and live streams to all common consumer-grade delivery formats and protocols. MistServer is written entirely in C++ and comes with an easy to use and integrate JSON API. We pride ourselves on MistServer being able to run in any environment and on any device, be it a full-fledged media server, embedded device or in the cloud. MistServer is modular, extensible and provides excellent automation features as well as analytics, allowing full control over the entire workflow. MistServer is the perfect core for any streaming media project.

One source fits all

MistServer is built on a unique dynamic packager that allows you to reach every device regardless of the source material. Any user, device or player is handled from a single shared media buffer.

Top-notch analytics

Gain better insight into your platform thanks to a large amount of analytic data. MistServer allows you to monitor your servers, users and streams, giving you a full picture of usage and status.

Razorsharp latency

Need a competitive edge in speed? MistServer combines technology and expertise to ensure the lowest possible latency for all of your streams.

Performance like no other

MistServer boasts an extremely low footprint, transforming your current infrastructure into an even more capable streaming media powerhouse.

Effortless scaling

MistServer can be deployed in mere seconds, both manually and automatically. Run MistServer alongside your existing solution to achieve gradual migrations, or update running servers without breaking connections.

Streamline user experience

MistServer includes a complementary meta-player that is fully customizable to your style. Automatically detecting capabilities and providing the best possible viewer experience on all platforms, you're guaranteed to reach your complete audience without issues.

Full customization and integration

Advanced monitoring, redirection and overriding systems allow you to control your content as roughly or fine-grained as required - putting you squarely in the driver's seat, no matter the delivery protocol used.