MistServer Pro for Enterprise

The streaming media toolkit for professionals. It is the most complete streaming package you can find, including support, for a fixed fee regardless of your usage pattern. If you are interested in MistServer for Enterprise use, please contact us. Contact us

A streaming success

MistServer Pro for Enterprise is not just a media product, it's a complete streaming media toolkit with the expert help of a team that is capable of making sure your needs are met and your goals achieved. It comes with a powerful and elegant streaming server, detailed analyzers, top-notch statistics, automatic load balancer and full customization and integration options for every aspect of your streaming media chain.


Feature Open Source Pro
Live inputs RTMP single bitrate ➕ RTMP multibitrate, HLS, RTSP, MPEG-TS (uni-/multicast)
VoD input FLV, MP3 ➕ MP4, TS, ISMV, HLS
Output MP4, HLS, RTMP (single bitrate), MPEG-TS (unicast), HDS, FLV, MP3, OGG➕ DASH, MP4 (live), RTMP (multibitrate), RTSP, MPEG-TS (multicast), HSS, WAV
Recording As FLV, TS
Stream analyzersRTMP, MP4, RTMP, OGG, FLV, DTSC➕ TS, HLS, H264, RIFF
Video codecs H264, Flash, Theora ➕ HEVC/H265, MPEG2, MP2
Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Flash, Vorbis ➕ AC3, PCM A-law, linear PCM
Pull from servers
Push to servers
Access control
Load balancer Enterprise only
Extra support Enterprise only
Extra customization Enterprise only
Extra integration Enterprise only

MistServer Enterprise for start-ups

MistServer can be especially great for starting companies as the sheer power of MistServer allows you to save time while building up your project. However, we fully understand that our prices may be hard on businesses that still have to start generating a cash flow. For those we can offer custom licensing and payment options that allow you to grow with the usage of MistServer and can partake in our introductionary offer as well. So please contact us for more details.

Additional information

Here we'll list a few of the things that might be handy to view or download regarding the Enterprise edition of MistServer.