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You're welcome to join us on our IRC channel at While mostly used for technical discussions any one is free to ask any type of question. Some of our team are active in the IRC, but depending on the time posted it might take us a while to get back to you.

MistServer Forum

While previously a mailing list we've set up a forum for our users. Feel free to ask any question involving MistServer here.

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You're welcome to call us on either our American or Dutch phone number. Both will reach our development team in The Netherlands.

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U.S.A.+1 408 677 5212
Netherlands+31 10 8080 619

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You can reach MistServer by mail if you'd like. Please make sure you send your package to the right office.

Development and sales officeProcurement office
Amphoraweg 5
2332 ED, Leiden
The Netherlands
Johan de Wittlaan 10
3054 AA, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tax registration number:NL853319145B01
Chamber of commerce:59.104.694
Euro Bank account:IBAN: NL95 INGB 0006 1968 04 BIC: INGBNL2A
USD Bank account:IBAN: NL47 INGB 0020 0991 26 BIC: INGBNL2A
D.U.N.S. Number:491169238

About us

DDVTech's vision on the media streaming industry

The streaming media industry is a tough market for multiple reasons: it's hard to monetize, there is a plethora of 'standards' and it's a rapidly changing ecosystem. These factors create a high risk, making it pertinent to protect your investments. On the other hand, finding new ways to monetize is driven by technological innovation - creating a catch 22. How can you safely and successfully innovate?

In the near future, monetization is fully driven by interactivity and personalization. Doing this requires the creation of new technologies and companies capable of executing them. To rapidly roll out new solutions at scale, people look to the cloud for answers. However, this drives up prices and stagnates innovation. With this understanding in the back of our minds, we follow a set of principles that allow rapid innovation at low costs with high maintainability. Key in everything we do is remaining simple, fast and efficient:

  • Simple to use, for both viewers and users.
  • Fast in implementation, where full modularity means no component is dependent on another.
  • Efficient, the best result for resources used.

Let us take care of the complexities of innovating streaming media delivery methods, while you do what you do best.


DDVTech is at the forefront of streaming media innovations with its software solution MistServer. We are purely a research and development service company, and don't employ any sales staff whatsoever. MistServer is used as the backbone of media systems all over the planet: encoder manufacturers, media appliance creators, CDNs, workflow management systems and many more all trust us to deliver consistent quality and innovation. Because of us they are able to keep offering state of the art solutions at competitive prices, without having to worry about becoming outdated tomorrow.

The Future

While we may already be among the frontrunners in our specialty, we won't just sit on our laurels. We invest heavily in research and are constantly looking for the next edge. Due to our strong innovation roadmap, we will continue to offer solutions that push the frontier of what is possible and help our clients to monetize their content.