Working with the MistServer team

The MistServer approach is quite different from what is common in the media business. We don’t have any hidden costs, we don’t charge extra for specific features, and we prefer company-wide licenses instead of per-server licenses. We don’t use call centers and there is no second or third line support: all our calls are immediately answered by an engineer that works on the software’s development.

This direct communication means that we are able to take practical feedback as well as feature requests from our users and keep these in mind as the software evolves and improves. MistServer releases on an approximate quarterly release schedule (4 major releases per year), with beta versions available if you’re interested.

We understand the difficulty of getting started with media, which is why we provide extra help to new users to make sure they have a great start (or, a great transition to our technology). We also regularly write articles with examples on how to set up common configurations using MistServer, with clear explanations that are easy to follow along.

Our licensing options aren’t set in stone either. We have preferred models that we like to use, but we routinely provide custom licenses tailor-made to fit the needs of a specific customer. Tell us what you’re planning to use MistServer for, and we will always find a suitable offer for you.

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