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The MistServer team will exhibit at NAB2018. Joining us will be Intinor, showcasing their Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT), which is optimized for live video via public internet. BRT combines adaptive bitrate streaming with error correction with bonding (2x LAN, 1x WiFi-client, 8x SIM) offering redundancy for internet connections with the highest possible robustness. Combining BRT with MistServer will allow you to reach anyone from anywhere without a single point of failure.

If you'd like to meet us feel free to come by our stand SU13808CM. If you want to speak to specific person or if you have limited time available please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Reliable transport protocols like SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) are able to reliably stream in unpredictable network environments but they are still dependent on their one network. Your connection is often your first single point of failure, if the connection drops there is no fallback - no recovery - a lack of redundancy. With the network being unpredictable you'll always have one eye open fearing the dreaded drop of connectivity, surely there must be a better way?

The answer in this case is Bifrost Reliable Transport, uniquely combining reliable transport with bonding techniques. By adding and combining multiple networks, be it LAN, WiFi or cellular you will be adding redundancy and robustness to your connection, no matter your location. Even if connectivity isn't your biggest concern BRT can automatically optimize your delivery over your available networks, making sure you'll always be using your best connection possible. No matter the use you'll be able to rest easily knowing your distribution will never have a single point of failure again.

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We're happy to return for our second NAB show in 2018. Our time available will be short, so if you want to be sure to meet us please contact us and we'll happily find a time for a meeting.

MistServer at NAB2018

Alfred Dijs, CEO

Our seasoned CEO Alfred Dijs will be available to discuss new business cases, opportunities and partnerships. Always looking out for new possibilities within streaming media Alfred will be the one to talk to if you're looking to expand.

Jaron Viëtor, CTO

Our CTO Jaron is invited to join the panel about streaming media with various other experts and will give the introduction to IPTV streaming. Jaron knows the technical specifications of MistServer by heart and is always looking for improvement. His focus lies on integration and optimalization, if you're wondering about the possibilities of your system and what you can expect from MistServer he's the man to talk to.

Erik Zandvliet, Senior Engineer

Our Senior Engineer Erik Zandvliet focuses on the development of new technologies and features. He's the one to talk to if you're wondering if something new or unique you're trying will work with MistServer.

Balder Viëtor, Head of Testing

Our lead tester Balder will be there to discuss integration with various products requested by our clients. He's the one to talk to if you want to start with MistServer and are wondering what to keep in mind.

Ramkoemar Bhoera, Engineer

Our newest engineer Ramkoemar has a focus on practical use of media data. He's the one to talk to about any change requests to our current feature set.

Todd Cavanaugh, Business Development Manager for North America

Todd is MistServers representative for North America. His focus is on establishing new business as well as overseeing any North American MistServer projects.

What is MistServer about?

MistServer is a full-featured, next-generation streaming media toolkit for OTT (internet streaming). It takes care of all the annoying little problems you come across in media streaming projects, allowing you to focus on what makes your product or service unique. The MistServer software and our accompanying services allow anyone to quickly gain and keep a competitive edge. MistServer helps you reduce your costs for media streaming by allowing you to leverage our experience and well-tested software toolkit to assist your efforts. You will save time because your team no longer has to solve all the problems associated with media streaming. This includes device compatibility, protocol implementations, and hooking the media delivery into your other systems for monitoring and access control. Furthermore, our engineering team is available to assist you with all media-related matters, including informing you of other options than just the ones we provide.