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The MistServer team will exhibit at IBC2018 once again coming 14-18 September. If you'd like to meet us feel free to come by our stand 14.C10. If you want to speak to specific person or if you have limited time available please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Who needs MistServer?

If you’ve ever build anything that needed to stream media over the internet, you’ve come across challenges doing so. Perhaps you needed to support something obscure, or work within very tight constraints, or handle very specific edge cases. We know your pain, we’ve been there too.

MistServer is a streaming media toolkit, released in the form of media server software. It truly shines when used as the backbone of a media project, clearing the path for you to build what you want to build.

Don’t get stuck implementing protocols and figuring out platform specific details; let MistServer take care of all that for you!

Some things MistServer can get you a head start in are:


MistServer’s meta-player can detect device and stream capabilities, automatically selecting the optimal delivery format for a specific stream to a specific user. Should changing network conditions warrant switching qualities or protocols, it will take care of that too.

Media gateway

MistServer is the perfect media gateway; capable of transforming practically any format into practically any other format. Works wonders as a compatibility or translation layer, sanitizer, switching node - the list goes on and on.


Be it simple scheduled or unscheduled recording to disk, or playing back of these recordings as VoD assets or as part of a scheduled playout, MistServer has you covered.

Origin server

MistServer’s broad input support makes it an excellent origin server, capable of sending streams to the rest of your network in any format you may need.

Custom content delivery network

But why stick to just origin, when MistServer can also operate as an edge server, or both at the same time? A few MistServer instances can act as your own personal CDN. Use our media-specific load balancing solution to complete the picture and create a robust network with several layers of failover.

Analytics and analysis

Keep a close eye on your servers, streams and viewers. MistServer provides metrics that are byte- and second-accurate, in easily parsable and requestable formats. These include plain JSON, HTTP-based API, Websocket API, and Prometheus integration.

MistServer at IBC2018

Our IBC team

Alfred Dijs, CEO

Our CEO Alfred Dijs will be available at the IBC to discuss new business cases, opportunities and partnerships. Always looking out for new possibilities within streaming media Alfred will be the one to talk to if you're looking to expand.

Jaron Viëtor, CTO

Our CTO Jaron knows the technical specifications of MistServer by heart and is always looking for improvement. His focus lies on integration and optimalization, if you're wondering about the possibilities of your system and what you can expect from MistServer he's the man to talk to.

Erik Zandvliet, Senior engineer

Our Senior Engineer Erik focusses on the development of new technologies and features. His current focus lies on new projects and methods to improve the media delivery experience for both content holders and viewers.

Balder Viëtor, Lead tester and product management

Our lead tester Balder will be there to discuss integration with various products requested by our clients. He'll be out trying to make integration between MistServer and various other products easier to improve streaming media workflows.

Ramkoemar Bhoera, engineer

Our engineer Ramkoemar focusses on expanding existing features and adding to them. He'll be the one to talk to for changes to existing features.

Making sense out of the fragmented OTT delivery landscape

Our CTO Jaron will hold a presentation Sunday the 16th at 14:30 at the Content Everywhere hub in Hall 14. His presentation will touch various confusing parts in the OTT world and hopefully make it more understandable. Read the synopsis below:


The ecosystem of OTT streaming has become increasingly fragmented over the last few years. In the past only a handful of delivery methods was available, but the list of methods and technologies to choose from has exploded into a nightmare of possibilities.

Never fear however: MistServer's team is here to highlight the differences, pros and cons of the different types of OTT media delivery, along with some practical examples. Are you interested in learning more about the technical details of all the various OTT delivery methods, explained in simple English? Want to know all about error correction, TCP versus UDP, true streaming versus chunked streaming, and more? Drop on in for this presentation and get informed!