MistServer is a low-footprint, high-performance streaming media server. As a streaming media server, its main function is to "stream" media in various output protocols as opposed to simply offering files. This delivery method ensures a good viewing experience, while saving on bandwidth costs. The below sections explain in further detail what the full technical specifications of MistServer are and what you can expect from it.


Single source, single buffer, all outputs

MistServer features a dynamic packager capable of transmuxing all inputs to all outputs on the fly. A single source from a single memory buffer can reach all your viewers using minimal resources.

Simple, smart, stable

Sticking to the time-proven Unix concept of "Do One Thing and Do It Well", MistServer splits each functionality into a separate binary, and they work together to provide the ultimate streaming media workhorse.

Effortless scaling

MistServer is a solution that can be deployed in mere seconds, either manually or automatically. It is also ideal for running alongside existing solutions for gradual migrations, since it uses absolutely no system resources whatsoever unless it is actively serving content.

Smart meta-player

MistServer features a new smart web player that can be customized and skinned, and is able to switch between various players. It'll automatically detect the best fitting player/protocol combination for each view, simplifying your deployment significally, while improving the reach of your platform.

Rule your content

Advanced monitoring, redirection and overriding systems allow you to control your content as roughly or fine-grained as required - putting you squarly in the drivers seat, no matter the delivery protocol used.

Support á la carte

MistServer's support is something special: all support is handled by the very engineers that build our software. Our development team is available for any streaming related question.

Guaranteed performance

We fully stand behind our product, and offer an optional priority support arrangement. Under this support level, you are guaranteed a fix or workaround for any issue within 48 hours.

Reach everyone through MP4 live

MistServer has a unique MP4 live output that works on virtually every native player. Besides having excellent cross-device compatibility, playback latency is mere seconds.