MistServer Pro for Enterprise

A streaming success

MistServer Pro for Enterprise is not just a streaming media product, it's a streaming media guarantee. The MistServer team will work closely with you, ensuring your wishes are achieved.

After a thorough technical intake session about your project, an integration trajectory flows through three phases:

  • Phase 1:
    A proof of concept is made, showing that everything will work as intended
  • Phase 2:
    The integration is completed
  • Phase 3:
    Optimizations are implemented and the system is maintained

Especially the first phase can require a lot of manpower: you need to build up expertise, solve the major problems, etcetera. In the second phase it's mostly a matter of polish, and in the final phase regular maintenance will ensure your system has no downtime.

Special offer for new customers

Ofcourse we are always excited about taking on new projects and customers. However, often a media server is a vital part of your platform or solution, which means that changing it or replacing it is a risky undertaking. In recognition of this, we are willing to co-invest through a special offer for new customers.

Normally, the commercial use license and most of our optional services for a three month period would cost up to $ 13 500,- USD, but new customers get all of this for a one-time fee of $ 4500,- USD. After those three months, you will see a working proof of concept and can decide to continue with MistServer or not, no strings attached.

During this first period, we will work closely with you and discover if you will need any custom development (and if so, how much) and what optional services you need, making sure the transition to MistServer is as smooth as possible. Your eventual monthly cost will be somewhere between $ 2500,- and $ 8000,- USD, depending on which optional services you have enabled.

Our full price list can be viewed here.

As you can understand, these special offers cost our team a lot of time, and because of this we can only offer it to a limited amount of customers each month. Please contact us to find out if there are any spots still open and we will give you full details as well as answer any questions you may have.

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