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This is our MistServer Pro streaming media technology combined with enterprise-grade services suitable for commercial use.

Key features

  • All major formats covered
  • Runs on any architecture, any environment
  • Full customization and integration options

Who's it for?

Enterprise users, streaming platforms, streaming media professionals, system integrators, CDN's, hardware manufacturers...

MistServer can grow with you

Our standard packages might not fit you. Don't worry, we're happy to accommodate you with a custom license that allows you to grow with MistServer.

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This is our base streaming media technology with everything you need to use MistServer at home or in your small projects.

Key features

  • Open source
  • Just FLV file and RTMP stream input
  • Runs on any architecture, any environment

Who's it for?

Hobbyists, open source enthousiasts, first timers in streaming media...

aGPLv3 license

MistServer open source is available under the aGPLv3 license, which is unsuitable for most commercial use. Please look at MistServer Pro for enterprise for a commercial license.